Spectrum Design Architecs | Engineers

Central Elementary School

Rockbridge County Public Schools
Lexington, Virginia

Several key design challenges were addressed with the expansion and renovation of this 50-year old elementary school. Working with school administration and faculty Spectrum Design evaluated the existing 27,000 s.f. facility and established a design program that would add 30,000 SF and accomplish the following goals:

  • Provide the latest technology and data access
  • Accommodate a potential student population of 400
  • Add a new gymnasium, media center, cafeteria and kitchen which would more than double the size of the existing school
  • Managing traffic patterns to keeps students safe, provide adequate parking for staff and play areas on the 8-acre urban site

Spectrum Design accomplished these goals through creative architectural and engineering solutions. For example, to maximize the site, while increasing the size of the building we looked beyond the traditional "wing" design for school additions and focused instead on "wrapping" the existing school perimeter to encompass the necessary components of the new educational program. The design resulted in a lively, attractive new façade with a panelized exterior skin that reduced construction time and facilitating year-round occupancy of the school during the renovation.