Spectrum Design Architecs | Engineers

Guilford College - Fitness Center

Greensboro, North Carolina

Spectrum Design has been selected to design the new Fitness Center for Guilford College. With the goal of creating a welcoming, LEED-certified facility that promotes health and wellness for the entire college community, Spectrum has designed a state-of-the-art building that mixes contemporary architectural design with the traditional style of the Guilford College campus.

The new 24,854 sq. ft. facility will be curve-shaped, with a double-height main building bookended on either side by three-story towers. The front exterior will feature the traditional colonnade reflected throughout campus and a front courtyard. The main entry on the lower level will open into the lobby atrium with an open stair to the upper level, check-in desk, office suites, and 1,030-square-foot lounge space. Passing directly through the atrium, the rear exterior will feature a terrace and outdoor classroom for yoga and tai-chi classes. Two 700-square-foot classrooms will be located on one end of the lower level, and on the other - a 1,000-square-foot cycling studio, 300-square-foot intramural space, and a 675-square-foot free weight studio. Perhaps the most unique component to the new fitness center will be the climbing wall in the center of the facility which will extend through the upper level.

Plans for the second level include a 3,200-square-foot exercise space for 50 pieces of cardiovascular and resistance equipment. The room will be completely transparent from the inside with leaned out glass along the entire front wall to promote natural day lighting. Two 1,700-square-foot group exercise studios will be on either end of the building and four 250-square-foot locker rooms with toilets will be located to the rear.

In the third level towers, Spectrum Design has planned for future program space to be available, along with two 100-square-foot private consultation offices. A 710-square-foot sports studio suite will be located in the left tower.