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Guilford College - Hege-Cox Hall

Greensboro, North Carolina

The Hege Cox building on the Guilford College campus houses many of the school's graphic arts, painting, and sculpture studios, while other studios are located in an off-campus house. With the college's goal of bringing the studio spaces together in the same place, Spectrum Design was hired to expand the existing Hege Cox facility.

Some of the challenges that the firm will address include the need to improve the aesthetics to the building's rear elevation which features an open welding studio. New studio space must be added and the mechanical and electrical system support structures will need to be integrated into the expansion.

Plans for the expansion include building a duplicate facility to the rear that will be connected to the current building via an exterior courtyard which will run through the two buildings and meet in a central commons space, located where offices are housed in the current building. A new, contemporary entrance will be created in the back of the new building to open directly into the commons. To accommodate for the change in elevation, an elevator and stairwell will be added.

Within the new double height facility, new studio spaces will be constructed on either end and will be double the square footage of the current studios. Due to the lower ground level, the lower level studios will feature higher ceilings and skylights will be added to the upper level ceilings to expose natural day lighting.

The pottery and welding studios will be relocated to bookend the expansion, and new walls will be constructed to shield those spaces from public view.