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Roanoke Regional Airport Terminal

Roanoke, Virginia

Spectrum Design, along with a nationally-recognized airport designer, has taken steps to transform Roanoke Regional Airport into one of the country’s most sophisticated and dynamic terminals of its size. We were dedicated to providing an innovative facility that could be easily maintained and updated with minimal costs—to remain clean, fresh, easy to navigate, and serviceable to the public now and into the future.

State-of-the-art wall materials and finishes were added in areas prone to abuse by rolling bags and luggage. These panels are low cost, impact resistant, easily cleaned and can be painted and replaced individually should damage occur.

Resilient terrazzo floor tiles provide the perfect marriage of durability and usability without sacrificing beauty or breaking the budget. These are the same tiles used in the Empire State Building and O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

Each gate now features technology stations for charging and using portable devices and laptops— offering both USB and power at each station and along walls.

New LCD signs and innovative wayfinding systems that meet international airport standards bring information to life and make it easier to navigate the terminal. Impassive wayfinding to assist customers in locating restrooms, gates, and gate podiums were accomplished through changes in wall materials, floor patterns and ceiling “clouds”. Flat screen advertising displays that can provide variable content replaced the old static signs and allow additional advertisers to show visitors more of what the area offers. The total renovation of all restroom facilities included upgrades in ADA accessibility and the addition of family restroom conveniences so that all customers are better accommodated. Indirect lighting, separate make-up counters, solid surface sinks with integral bowls, and baby-changing stations were all added.

Finally, safety, accessibility and convenience were maximized with a brand new entrance and comprehensive upgrades to escalators and elevators.